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Belly Dance with Nisaa
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St. Louis, MO 63118
Now enrolling... Belly Dance Basics for Seniors!
Nisaa's book is nearly here!
This book is a product of Nisaa's research on the origin and development of Egyptian raqs sharqi at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Nisaa's book will be published by McFarland Books, a leading independent publisher of academic and non-fiction books.
Stay tuned for additional updates on this big project!
Geared toward senior students age 55 and up, this class is a gentler, slower-paced alternative to Nisaa's regular Level 1 course.  Seniors, come and experience this fun and educational way to stay active!  Visit here for more information or to register!
Belly Dance with Nisaa presents Ahava of California in a weekend of workshops and performance!  Visit here for all the details!
Workshops and Performance with Ahava - September 9-10, 2017!
A Thousand and One Nights - May 13, 2017!
This is the annual recital featuring Nisaa's students.  Don't miss this entertaining and educational evening of Middle Eastern dance!  Family-friendly and open to all ages.  Visit here for all the details!