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Ahlan Wa Sahlan...Welcome!
Current updates:

Spring 2016 classes are starting soon...register now!
Spring 2016 classes start the week of February 15.  Register BEFORE January 30 to take advantage of the early bird registration rate!  (If registering by PayPal, please note that PayPal links will switch from the early bird registration rate to the regular registration rate at NOON on January 29.)  Visit here for all the details.

Skype lessons with Nisaa!
Study with Nisaa from the comfort of your own home or studio!  Visit here for all the details.

Nisaa is writing a book!
This book is a product of Nisaa's research on the origin and development of Egyptian raqs sharqi at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Nisaa's book will be published by McFarland Books, a leading independent publisher of academic and non-fiction books.
Stay tuned for additional updates on this big project!

Save the Dates!  Karim Nagi in St. Louis!  August 20-21, 2016
A weekend of workshops and performance with musician and traditional dancer Karim Nagi!  Workshops will include "Live Drum Solo for Dancers," "Musicality for Dancers," "Cymbalisms," and "Arab Folk Dance Intensive."  Details to come!

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