Belly Dance with Nisaa is pleased to present Amber Skye of Rogue Motion Dance in this exciting introduction to mahraganat sha'abi!  Before registering, please read the information below, and if you have questions, e-mail or call 314.599.0506 for more information.  Stay up-to-date regarding upcoming classes and events by following Nisaa on Facebook or subscribing to Nisaa's monthly newsletter!
Mahraganat Sha'abi: An Intro to Egyptian Street Dance
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Are you ready to shake up your belly dance routine?  Mahraganat sha’abi (Arabic for festival) is a new, exciting street music and dance scene in Egypt!  It brings together electronic music, everyday social belly dance and a blend of indigenous, folkloric movements with modern hip-hop stylings.  This high-energy dance style is sure to get your body moving as we jam to the newest music straight out of Cairo.  You will get to witness the current dance scene, learn some of the basic movements, and understand what “sha’abi” is really all about.  We will end the afternoon with a short but fun choreography.  This workshop is open to anyone with a solid education in the basics of belly dance and a willingness to try something new!
With over 20 years of formal training and professional experience in dance and the performing arts, Amber Skye uses her unique background to bring a new voice to the St. Louis dance community and beyond.  Her style of belly dance is inspired by the current mahragan sha’abi street dance scene in urban Egypt.  She is the first person in the Midwest to offer regular instruction in this style.

Amber began her dance education when she was 7 and since then has studied many dance styles ranging from belly dance (raqs sharqi) and Arabic folkloric dance to hip-hop (including krump and animation/robotics), ballet, jazz, and burlesque.  In 2016, Amber was the scholarship winner for the Waking Persephone Bellydance Fusion Festival in Seattle,WA, earning her the privilege of studying with some of the most innovative, knowledgeable, and theatrical dancers in North America and having her first chance to perform on the national stage.

Currently, she can be seen performing at select events in St. Louis and regionally in the Midwest.  Her background brings a level of theatricality and raw emotion to her performances that keeps audiences enthralled and begging for more.  Amber plans to continue her learning experience by traveling to Cairo, Egypt to bring you the hottest and latest trends in Egyptian urban dance, both on the stage and in the classroom!  Follow Amber Skye on Facebook here.
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Saturday, November 4
2 - 4 PM
3904 Flad Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118
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