Nisaa is pleased to offer the following lectures and workshops at her studio in south St. Louis.  Before registering, please read the information below, and if you have questions, e-mail or call 314.599.0506 for more information.  Stay up-to-date regarding upcoming class sessions by following Nisaa on Facebook or subscribing to Nisaa's monthly newsletter!

Directions to the studio
Summer 2017 Lectures and Workshops with Nisaa
July Lectures and Workshops
Registration and Payment Information
Current students, you may also register at the studio.  At the studio, Nisaa can accept cash (exact change appreciated), checks/money orders (payable to "Belly Dance with Nisaa"), credit/debit card payments, and PayPal payments.

Liability Waiver and Release:
Please note that students are required to sign a liability waiver and release in order to participate. The liability waiver and release will be provided at the students' first class.
Arabic Music 101
Saturday, July 22, 12p-2p
Music is the heart and soul of belly dance, so it's important for dancers to have a working understanding of Arabic music.  Through a combination of lecture and listening exercises, Nisaa provides a concise introduction to the basics of Arabic music for dancers.  Non-musicians need not be intimidated!  In this workshop, you'll receive a general introduction to the core elements that set Arabic music apart from other musical traditions.  You'll learn to identify by sound and sight some traditional Arabic musical instruments.  And, you'll have the chance to explore different styles within the Arabic musical tradition.  This is a workshop not to be missed by serious students of raqs sharqi!
Format: Lecture
Target Audience: Middle Eastern Dance Students (All Levels)
Feel free to bring a cushion or a mat to sit on!
Arabic Music 102
Saturday, July 22, 2:30p-4:30p
In this follow-up to Arabic Music 101, students have the opportunity to apply what they've learned about the core elements of Arabic music. Through a combination of listening exercises and dance practice, Nisaa reviews the basics of Arabic music for dancers and guides students through a dance exploration of different styles within the Arabic musical tradition. Not to be missed by serious students of raqs sharqi!
Format: Dance
Target Audience: Middle Eastern Dance Students (All Levels)
You must attend Arabic Music 101 before attending this class!
August Lectures and Workshops
Desire and Disdain: Egyptian Belly Dance in Social and Historical Context
Saturday, August 19, 12p-1p
The dance form known in the West as “belly dance” occupies an ambiguous – even contradictory – position in the Egyptian consciousness.  While the dance is widely beloved – and participated in – by ordinary Egyptians at festive occasions like weddings, professional practitioners of the art are generally stigmatized in mainstream society and viewed as “fallen women.”  This lecture traces the history of the dance from the eighteenth century to the present and explores the complex role of belly dance and its professional practitioners in Egyptian society.
Format: Lecture
Target Audience: General (no Middle Eastern dance experience required)
​Feel free to bring a cushion or a mat to sit on!
Evolution of Egyptian Style Belly Dance
Saturday, August 19, 1:30p-3:30p
An examination of the evolution of Egyptian belly dance reveals a dynamic art form whose developments mirror those of the cultures and musical traditions from which it emerged.  In this workshop, explore the stylistic evolution of Egyptian belly dance over the last century, including the emergence of raqs sharqi from earlier dance styles and the trendsetting influences of well-known Egyptian dancers and choreographers, and learn how changes in the dance have corresponded to developments in Egyptian music.
Format: Dance
Target Audience: Middle Eastern Dance Students (All Levels)

Class size is limited!  Only students who register in advance are guaranteed a spot in the class.  Please register early in order to reserve your spot.

Please note that class fees are non-refundable after the start of the session.  Classes missed in the current session may not be used as credit for classes in future sessions.  Registrations are non-transferable.


There are two ways to register.

1. Print and complete the registration form, and mail it with your check or money order to Belly Dance with Nisaa, PO Box 26992, St. Louis, MO 63118. One form per student, please.


2. Register here with PayPal. Click on the links below for the classes of your choice. You don't have to have a PayPal account to use this method of payment.
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