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August 2021 Online Workshop with Nisaa
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$40 USD

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Raqs al-Hawanim, Times Three
Saturday, August 21, 2-4:30 PM US Central Time

Raqs al-Hawanim is a dance song with deep roots and enduring popularity.  In fact, it's one of the most well-known songs for Egyptian belly dance.  It's known by a few different names (Bamba Kashar, for example).  But its playful melody is unmistakable.  In this workshop, Nisaa introduces you to the history and the versatility of this amazing piece of music through a dance exploration of three very different versions of the song.  You'll learn an Upper Egyptian ghawazi rendition, and urban awalim rendition, and a theatrical raqs sharqi rendition.  Join Nisaa and let this legendary song take you on a dance journey!  

Target Audience: Middle Eastern Dance Students (Intermediate to Advanced/Professional)
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