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About Leila Farid
Leila was one of the most popular working dancers in Cairo for 13 years.  While in Egypt, she performed for parties, dignitaries, and weddings in Egypt and throughout Europe and the Arabian Gulf.  She also danced continuously for cruises, in the best hotels, and in concerts on television.  Leila was also a well-known actress, model, and recognizable personality throughout the Middle East, being involved in hundreds of TV shows, music videos, commercials, and films.

Since returning to America, Leila continues to teach her exquisite dance style.  She draws on years of knowledge of the culture behind the dance as well as thousands of hours on stage in Egypt.  Leila has produced some of the best-loved dance CDs today.  Her DVDs are among the top selling belly dance DVDs on Amazon, as well as being thoughtful and sound Egyptian dance instruction.  Leila was the founder of Camp Negum, a yearly live music and dance festival in Egypt that focused on exposing dancers to the culture behind the dance. Her writings about dance and culture are utilized by scholars and dancers around the world.

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Workshops and Lecture

Egyptian Technique
Saturday September 18, 12-2:30 PM US Central Time
Every dancer should have their own way of moving, one that is particular to their own body and style.  Leila has a unique style that blends classic raqs sharqi with modern Egyptian style.  She will break down her technique to include posture, weight change, and interpretation of the music, while encouraging each dancer to find their own personal stylization.

Techniques of Improvisation
Saturday September 18, 3-5:30 PM US Central Time
Know your music first from your head and then from your heart, and then let the movement flow out though you.  Leila will offer insights into how to improvise on stage to Egyptian music while keeping your audience engaged and still feeding your soul.


Life in Cairo
Saturday September 18, 6-7 PM US Central Time
In this lecture, Leila recounts her experiences living and working as a dancer in Cairo.
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