Nisaa offers the following drills classes during the break between the fall and spring sessions.  Please note that these classes are geared towards students with prior Middle Eastern dance experience.  For students with no prior experience, please consider joining one of Nisaa's regular twelve-week session classes in the spring, summer, or fall.

Important: due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Winter 2021 Inter-Session Drills Classes will be held online via Zoom.  Before registering for a class, please read the information below, and if you have questions, e-mail or call 314.599.0506 for more information.  Stay up-to-date regarding upcoming class sessions by following Nisaa on Facebook or subscribing to Nisaa's monthly newsletter!

Course descriptions
Winter Inter-Session Drills Classes with Nisaa
Winter 2021 Inter-Session Drills Classes (ONLINE VIA ZOOM)
  • $50

Please note that class fees are non-refundable after the start of the session.  Classes missed in the current session may not be used as credit for classes in future sessions.  Registrations are non-transferable.


There are two ways to register for the session.

1. Register here with PayPal.  Click on the links to the right for the classes of your choice.  You don't have to have a PayPal account to use this method of payment.


2. Print and complete the registration form (click here to download), and mail it with your check or money order to Belly Dance with Nisaa, PO Box 26992, St. Louis, MO 63118.  One form per student, please.

Important Information:

  • These classes are being offered online via Zoom.  Download the free Zoom Client software for your computer or mobile device.
  • Register at least 24 hours prior to the first class meeting.
  • Check your e-mail!  Each week, Nisaa will e-mail you the Zoom meeting link for your class.  If you have not received an e-mail by 5 PM on the day of your class, please contact Nisaa immediately to request the Zoom meeting link.  Please do not wait till the last minute!
  • Regular attendance is encouraged.  Classes will NOT be recorded for later access.
  • If you can't attend your regularly scheduled class, but would like to attend a different class of the same or lower level as a make-up, please contact Nisaa to request the Zoom meeting link.  Again, please do not wait till the last minute!
Registration and Payment Information
Level 1
Level 1a (note: Level 1a is not the same as Level 1!)
Level 2
Tuesdays Level 3
Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:30 PM
1/5/21 - 1/26/21
Wednesdays Level 3
Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30 PM
1/6/21 - 1/27/21
Current students, please enroll in your current level (i.e. the level in which you were enrolled in the fall 2020 class session).

Students who have been away for a while, or students transferring from other studios, please contact Nisaa for guidance regarding which level would be appropriate.

Thank you!