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Check out Nisaa's book on Egyptian belly dance history!
Follow the Amazon link to the right or click here!  You can also order directly from the publisher here.  Learn more about Nisaa's research here.  
Online Lectures with Nisaa!
Nisaa offers online lectures on a variety of cultural and historical topics related to Middle Eastern dance!  Visit here for details!
Belly Dance with Nisaa has been featured on Schankmann's St. Louis on HEC!
Check out the video below!
A Thousand and One Nights has been rescheduled for May 22, 2021!
Belly Dance with Nisaa presents A Thousand and One Nights - An Evening of Middle Eastern Dance, the 16th annual recital featuring the Madrasat Nisaa student dancers!  SAVE THE DATE!
Fall 2020 Classes with Nisaa!
Now enrolling for fall session classes!  Visit here for details and registration!
Want to try a class before committing to a full session?  Check out Taste of Belly Dance on August 29!
Workshops with Leila Farid have been rescheduled for September 2021!
Belly Dance with Nisaa presents Leila Farid in St. Louis for Egyptian dance lecture, workshops, and performance!  Visit here for the updated information!
Manifesting the Music - Special Fall 2020 Online Class Series!
Nisaa is pleased to offer this special class series online via Zoom!  Visit here for details and registration!
Online Workshop on Awalim and Ghawazi Dance Styles - August 22, 2020!
Nisaa is teaching an intro to awalim and ghawazi dance styles ONLINE on August 22!  Sponsored by Middle Eastern Dance with Rahil / KC Raqs World Dance!  Get your tickets here!
Special Online Lecture on the Ghawazi of Egypt - August 28/29, 2020!
Join Nisaa for a lecture on the ghawazi of Upper and Lower Egypt on August 28 (11:30 PM US Central Time) / August 29 (10 AM India Standard Time)!  This is part of the Beyond Bellydance 4.0 lecture series sponsored by Shruti Narayanan and Samai Oriental Dance Company.  This lecture series is open to dancers and enthusiasts from around the world - and it's FREE!  However, if you'd like to contribute, you can donate to Shruti's #ArtWithHeart fundraiser, where your contributions will go towards the cause "Animals Matter To Me."  This organization is working tirelessly to feed thousands of strays in Mumbai - work that is now even more challenging due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Register here!  This link also includes the link to the fundraiser!