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Check out Nisaa's book on Egyptian belly dance history!
Follow the Amazon link to the right or click here!  You can also order directly from the publisher here.  Learn more about Nisaa's research here.  
Belly Dance with Nisaa has been featured on Schankmann's St. Louis on HEC!
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A Note from Nisaa RE: A Thousand and One Nights
A Thousand and One Nights - An Evening of Middle Eastern Dance is the annual recital featuring my students.  Normally, this event is held every year in May.  However, the ongoing pandemic has well and truly disrupted this tradition!  The last recital was in May 2019.  The hope was to revive the recital in May 2022.  However, the pandemic has impacted everyone's plans and priorities.  Long story short, performance simply isn't the priority for the majority of my students right now.  And that's OK!  To be honest, I love that I have so many students whose love of learning Egyptian dance outweighs their need to be on stage.  On the other hand, I want my students to be able to have that experience when the time is right for them.  I am confident that when we are truly at the other end of this pandemic tunnel, many of my students will want to return to the stage.  For this reason, I plan to try again next year!  Thank you all for your patience!
In-Studio Class Reminder!
COVID-19 safety precautions remain in effect.  You can read the COVID-19 safety precautions here.  These precautions are non-negotiable.  Let's work together to keep each other safe!
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Current/Returning Students, Now Enrolling for Interim Classes at the Studio!
Enrollment is open and ongoing for classes in the interim between the abridged fall 2022 session and the spring 2023 session.  These classes are geared toward current/returning students.  Please register at your current class level.  Visit here to register for December 2022 mini-session!  Visit here to register for winter 2023 inter-session!
All Students, Now Enrolling for Spring 2023 Session Classes at the Studio!
Now enrolling for spring 2023 session classes in all proficiency levels!  Register early and save.  Visit here for details and registration!

New beginner students, want to try a class before committing to a full session?  Check out Taste of Belly Dance on January 28!
Dancers of the Nile - January 2023 Online Class Series with Nisaa!
In this class series, join Nisaa for an in-depth exploration of Egypt's ghawazi: their history and present situation, the defining features of their dancing, regional distinctions in style, and more!  Nisaa's goal with this class series is to dispel misconceptions about the ghawazi that continue to circulate, particularly on the international workshop and festival circuit.  Nisaa will be sharing new information collected during her recent research trip to Egypt.  Visit here for details and registration!